When you’re ready to replace missing teeth, you have a number of options available. We offer fixed options like an Dental implant, Fixed bridges that extend to adjacent teeth. We also offer removable options like dentures. Replacing a missing tooth is a big decision and therefore, its important to consider several factors including comfort, finances and general expectations. We covered tooth replacement options previously. In this article we will cover the removable denture replacement options for patients in Oakville, On.

We have the technology to craft artificial replacements for a person’s natural teeth. Accidents, diseases, or poor oral health may leave very few healthy teeth in a person’s mouth, or none at all. So, what to do? Dentures might be the way you choose to replace the missing teeth.

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Partial Dentures

Dentures come in two types: partial dentures and complete dentures. Because dentures are always custom-made, a mold of your teeth needs to be made by the dentist taking impressions. Partial dentures are also referred to as “removables” or “partials.” When teeth in the mouth are not strong enough to support a dental bridge, or when several teeth are missing, or when an affordable option is desired, the partials are a good option. Partial dentures are made up of at least one acrylic tooth, held in its place by clasps that will fit onto nearby, still-existing natural teeth. The denture can be taken out for sleeping and for cleaning.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are also called “plates”. Complete dentures can be removed, and when they are in the mouth, suction holds them in place. And- there are two types of complete dentures! They are immediate dentures and conventional dentures. Immediate dentures are made before your natural teeth are removed. After your teeth are pulled, your dentist will insert your immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are made and inserted only after your teeth have been extracted- and the gums have totally healed, which is normally few months after extraction.

Complete Denture


If complete dentures are giving you a hard time, we suggest overdentures, which is a removable denture that fits over the natural teeth still left in your mouth, or even over dental implants. If you have natural teeth left, they’ll be reshaped to fit inside the overdenture. If there are no natural teeth left, small implants will be needed in the mouth. The overdenture can be attached to those implants.

Advantages and disadvantages of removable dentures

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having a set of removable dentures.

Advantages of removable dentures:

Removable dentures are the most affordable options to replace a missing tooth. They are the least invasive option as well as there are no risks of surgery. Unlike fixed bridge work, there is no damage to the adjacent teeth at the placement appointment. There are also recommended for people with high risks for cavities as they can be easier to keep the adjacent teeth clean.

Disadvantages of removable dentures:

Removable dentures come with many advantages. The most common one is that they will take some time to get used to them. They may affect the speech and the chewing function. In fact, when dentures are compared to natural teeth, literature shows that dentures are inferior in terms of chewing efficiency and functions. Also, if cleaning instructions are not followed, patients may be prone to infections and sore spots on the gums. Dentures may need to be refitted every now and then as the gums under may shrink leaving a gap.

Denture materials and designs

Valplast flexible denture

  1. Aryclic dentures

    Acrylic denture are economical and very versatile. Immediate dentures are mostly made of acrylic denture. Metal clasps are added for stability of dentures.

  2. Flexible dentures – Valplast dentures

    This is relatively a newer technology compared to other types.

    flexible denture valplast oakville

    The flexible resin (Valplast) have the advantage of esthetics and flexibility. Some patients like them due to the flexibility and no-metal aesthetic advantage, but the fit may be very tight in some cases and patient may develp sore spots with time. One disadvantage of a valplast is the repair ability. Its hard for the lab to repair or add additional teeth to the denture in case of fractures or losing other teeth.

  3. Cast Metal dentures: The base is fabricated from a special medical grade alloy that is bio compatible with tissues. This type of dentures is very strong because the metal framework is casted in the lab. Its very hard to bend this denture. The cons are that its more expensive that the other acrylic options and it may have aesthetic concerns especially if its made to replace front teeth.

cast metal denture

Denture repair

Denture are made mainly of acrylic resin which is tough enough to resist fractures and other problems. Denture still can break or may need to be serviced. Most of the repairs are done in the dental clinic or a dental lab.

Common denture repairs include:

  • Denture reline: When gums shrink down leaving a space between the denture and the gums, dentures become loose and less retentive in the mouth. A denture reline is a process of replacing the missing structure by refitting the denture. It either done in the lab or in the office. There are many dental labs in Oakville that offer denture reline.
  • Denture rebase: When the pink acrylic of your denture, which holds your teeth in place, is completely remade. This option is very practical for someone experiencing sever gum shrinkage.
  • Denture Sore spots: If the denture rubs against a specific point in the gums or against a tooth, this can result in soreness, talk to your dentist if you are experiencing sore spot. Please note, that sore spots may be also indication of serious lesions or tumors in the mouth. Therefore, make sure you are checked by a dental professional to exclude any pathology.
  • Fractured or chipped denture: If the fracture is incomplete, make sure you contact your dentist for repair before it progress furthremore.
  • Denture Lost tooth: This can be easily added back to the denture, talk to your dentist about options.

Denture care

  • Clean the dentures every single day. Any buildup on the denture can cause problems in the mouth.
  • Never go to sleep with your dentures one.
  • Soak dentures overnight. They can be soaked in a special cleaner or in warm water.
  • Consult a dental professional if any problems arise from using your dentures
  • Don’t use the tooth paste to clean your dentures as it may be abrasive and may result in micro crack in the plastics and loss of color.

If you have any questions about dentures, please feel free to visit your local Oakville Dentist or call (905) 465-0026. We will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns