Your local Oakville Dentist: Dr. Max Dawabsheh

Dr. Max comes from a family of dentists. He spent his childhood in his mother’s dental clinic. Therefore, becoming a dentist was a natural choice for him. Learning to build lasting relationships with patients and provide the utmost care were the qualities helped him to refine and develop his skills in many levels. He prides himself in the ability to listen to his patients’ concerns and provide individualized treatments. He strongly believes that knowledge is power, for which he strives to educate his patients and clearly communicate treatment plans, enabling patients to make informed decisions.

Dr. Max shows special interest in Aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. Recently, he has attended a Postgraduate Program in Contemporary Aesthetic Dentistry from University of Minnesota. He is a graduate of Jordan University of science and Technology. He holds a masters degree from Edith Cowan University, Australia.

“My responsibility is to provide quality dental care in a friendly and professional setting. Patient satisfaction is my priority at every visit.”

Dr. Max currently resides in Oakville. He is dedicated to giving back to the Oakville community, supporting several local organizations and events. He enjoys spending his free time with his beautiful wife Kate and their new baby. He loves traveling and outdoors. When its time to relax you will always find a camera in my hand. Click here to see some of Max’s traveling pictures.

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