Dental emergency oakville

Dental emergency Oakville

Dental problems don’t always happen at convenient times.

What is an emergency dental service?

An emergency dental service could refer to a number of causes ranging from sore tooth or facial pain, to more serious issues like a fractured tooth or broken tooth. Some of the common emergency dental services we regularly treat at Bronte Road Family Dental include:

We accept dental emergency appointment for Oakville residents. In the event of a dental emergency such as a serious toothache or tooth fracture, immediately call (905) 465-0026 or use Easy book appointment form to schedule an appointment.

Dental emergencies types


Use over-the-counter pain relievers as directed. Clove oil can be applied directly to the tooth or gums.

Do not place aspirin on the tooth as it may cause gum irritation and burn. Do not take aspirin-containing products if you are bleeding.

Dental abscess

Use cold press and take pain relievers as directed. See your dentist immediately to prevent complications.

If you are experiencing facial swelling and you feel that you are getting systemic symptoms such as fever or limitation of opening then call 911 or visit Oakville memorial hospital

Lost dental filling or chipped filling

If a filling gets dislodged, then attempt to replace the filling back with over the counter temporary cement. Keep the lost filling in a zip bag and call your dentist immediately.

Lost dental crown

Find over the counter temporary dental cement or use suger free chewing gum to place the crown back until you see your dentist. If you are getting toothache, use over the counter medications. Apply clove oil directly on the tooth

Broken tooth

Gently clean dirt from injured area and place cold press on the face to minimize swelling. See your dentist immediately.

Broken bracket or dental wire

Place wax on the exposed part to prevent cheek or lip injuries. See your orthodontist immediately.

Cut lip or tongue

Apply firm pressure with wet clean cloth to stop the bleeding. Apply cold press on swollen tissues. See your doctor if the bleeding persists for more than 15 mins.

Knocked out tooth

Find the tooth and hold the tooth by the crown only. If the tooth is quickly replanted, then the chances will be higher for saving it. Call your dentist for immediate assistant.

Possible jaw fracture

If you suspect jaw fracture, call (911) immediately or visit local emergency.

After hours emergencies

If you are looking for dental services after hours, please use our contact form for guidance. If you are experiencing sever toothache or facial swelling call or visit the emergency department at Oakville hospital.

Contact us

At Bronte Road family Dental, any emergency you have can be treated promptly and comfortably. For more information about our Oakville dental office, please visit our website or call (905) 465-0026. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Our services

  • Gentle dental care with friendly service

  • Modern technology including laser and cosmetics

  • Family-oriented dental care

  • Saturday and evening appointments for busy people

  • Convenient location at Bronte Rd and Speers Rd intersection

Your emergency visit

Our friendly team will do their best to accomedate your emergency appointment on the same day. Call (905) 465-0026 to book your emergency appointment now.

Dentist costs

Dental fees in Ontario are set standard by Ontario Dental Association. Our office utilizes Ontario Dental Association recommendations and guidelines. We always offer free consultation to be able to provide an accurate estimates on our services.

We accept major dental insurance programs and we also provide discounts and payment plans for senior patients. Your first consultation is free of charge.

Case Study – Ben with a chipped tooth

Ben presented to our Oakville dental office with chipped tooth. He chipped the tooth as school. No symptoms were noticed other than occasional sensitivity to hot and cold. A resin filling was done without using localized freezing. The procedure took 20 minutes. No other treatment required.

chipped tooth oakville

Anterior filling on a chipped tooth

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