What to expect at your first visit to Bronte Road Family Dental?

We welcome you to our office. We will ensure that your visit is pleasant positive experience and that all your concerns will be addressed. This is a guide to what to expect at your first appointment. Your first appointment will consist of an office tour so you can familiarize yourself with the office.

Part of becoming our patient includes the completion of a registration form and a basic medical background form, which may be completed online or in-office at the time of your first appointment.

During your first visit, a consultation for a specific concern or a comprehensive exam will be carried out. A specialized, high-definition oral camera is used to provide magnified dental images.

This exam may include:

  • Review of your general health and determine any dental complication for current medications or medical condition.
  • Hard and soft tissue exam and oral cancer screening.
  • Complete periodontal evaluation (the status of the gums).
  • Assess dental condition and the status of teeth.
  • Discussion of proposed treatment option according to your dental needs.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

  • A list of medications you are currently taking
  • If you have a dental insurance, please bring the insurance information.


If you have been to another dental office and had recent xrays done (within 6 months), you may ask to forward the xrays to us. If additional xrays will be taken, we use digital xrays with reduced radiation dosage.