Resin crown bonding

Patient didn’t like how the lateral tooth looks compared to the rest of the teeth. And because of her busy social job demands, orthodontic treatment (braces and invislign) were off the table. She wanted a non-invasive cosmetic treatment with good aesthetic outcome. Resin crown bonding was done on the tooth with color matching dental resin material. Patient was very happy with the end result.

bonding before after

teeth bonding

Resin Bonding

Patient requested options to restore the spaces between the front teeth. Options discussed were brace or invislign, dental veneers or resin bonding. Resin bonding involves placing resin restoration that matches the color of the tooth. Special stains were used to achieve good color match to the existing teeth. This non-invasive procedure was done without the use of local anesthesia. No tooth structure was removed.

Anterior porcelain crown

Anterior crown was made as a result of a trauma to the tooth. The infection that developed after the trauma was treated and an front tooth crown (cap) was placed matching the existing teeth. The patient was very satisfied with the outcome and the shape of the tooth.

Dental crown oakville

broken filling before after

Broken filling

An old failing amalgam filling was replaced with resin filling.

Dental Cavity

Dental decay (dental cavity) was treated with white resin filling.