Dental Implants

If it happened to be that you are missing a tooth. One of the options to replace it is dental implant. Implants are comfortable and look like natural teeth.

A dental implant is a prosthetic titanium root inserted into area of missing teeth. A crown (cap) is attached to the implant and cemented with the bonded cement.

Many factors affect the success rate of implants. Good general health, good oral hygiene and healthy gums are just examples of what can affect the health being of the implant. Some systemic disease such as diabetes may result in bone loss around the implant if was uncontrolled. Smoking also has a negative effect on implants.

What are your options for replacing missing teeth

Best case scenario, your tooth can be saved and your dentist can put it back into it’s original place, however this may not always be the case, and it may not always be a success story, depending on many different factors.

You still have hope for the possibility of four more options.

1. Dental Implant and a Crown:

This is likely your strongest bet, but can take a few months for final completion of replacement.  Implants are made of titanium post and work with your bone, then a crown is placed over to fill in the hole.  If you do still have your original tooth, an impression can be made and will be used to look as natural as possible.  The downside of this is waiting for the healing process.  In the meantime, a temporary crown can be placed in so you don’t have to go months missing your front tooth.

2. Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge:

This is your next most natural looking option, where two anchors are attached to the prepared adjacent teeth and the bridge in the middle of where you lost your tooth will then hold the crown as the tooth replacement.  The con of this process is the extra work done on the two teeth holding the anchors could potentially sacrifice their supposed health in the long run.

3. Maryland Bridge:

Also known as a Resin-Bonded Bridge;  although uncommon and less durable as previous, it remains an option if your surrounding teeth are healthy, and actually does less damage to your adjacent teeth vs. previous option because the healthy teeth are not shaved down, skipping the preparation process to adhere the bridge, instead wings are bonded to the teeth and hold the crown.

4. Removable Partial Denture:

Designed to last for years in good dental health care, this partial will not replace the missing tooth, and your surrounding teeth could be harmed as time goes by.  This fix can cause potential shifting of teeth

dental implants
dental implant