HELP! I CHIPPED MY TOOTH! A complete guide

chipped tooth

You might or might not feel any tooth pain when your tooth has been chipped.

If it’s large enough that the nerves from the inner layer of the tooth are exposed, it’s probably going to hurt, especially when you have hot or cold drinks and foods.


Chips on a pointed chewing surface on back teeth are called broken cusps.

This type of chip rarely hurts, but it must be examined by a dentist.

You might need to get a dental crown or a dental onlay to

restore the shape, as well as to prevent decay or further damage.

Causes of Chipped Teeth:

  • Hitting your mouth in a fall.
  • Biting down on a hard object, perhaps a hard candy or bone.
  • Trauma to the face from a sports-related injury.
  • Cavities that weakened the tooth, making it more vulnerable to chip


WHAT DO I DO? Get Immediate Care.

Chipped tooth? Right away, make an appointment to see your dentist for as soon as possible. Until then, follow these steps:

-Rinse your mouth using warm water.

-If there is any bleeding in your mouth as a result of a

chipped tooth, use a piece of gauze to press to the area.

-If you can’t see a dentist on the same day, cover the chipped tooth with dental cement. You can buy it at most drugstores. Use it to protect the tooth until the appointment.


Professional Treatments:

Depending on the size and severity of the injury, these are

the treatments that may need to be performed:


If it’s very small:

Smooth and then polish the chipped tooth,

without further treatment as it is not needed.


Medium chip:

When it involves some minor damage to the tooth’s enamel, the dentist will use a filling, or a crown or cap over the chipped tooth to return it to its normal appearance, and protect the inner layers of the tooth from being irritated or infected.


Larger size:

If the chip is big enough that it exposes the tooth nerve, a root canal is most likely necessary to remove the damaged nerve. Plus, a cap or a crown will be needed to replace the tooth.

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