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Dental Sport Injuries and the use of mouthguards

sports mouthgaurd

Dental Sport Injuries

Dentists are very involved in sport related injuries because up to 40% of injuries are to the face. Dental related injuries to the face are most likely to occur during contact sports. Contact sports where the player is in direct contact with the ball or another player is the biggest reason to injury. Dentists attend to injuries that include facial bones, gum damage, and broken teeth. Those at the highest risk for facial/sport related injuries are usually children, young adults and women. Sports that make the list for high injury risk range from, basketball to biking, soccer, rugby, hockey and wrestling the list goes on. Most of these sport related injuries to the face leading to broken bones and missing teeth can be avoided, but the injury may also be an accident.

Players that are not properly protected are at a great risk for serious injury including one to their facial structures. Injury to the face can affect other areas including traumatic injury to the brain, It is important for all players to be aware of the seriousness with facial injuries.

How to avoid sport related injuries

  • Wear required protective head gear
  • Use mouthguards (made by your dentist/can be customized)
  • Protective body gear (if required)
  • Routine check ups with your health-care provider

sports mouthgaurd

Mouthguards and teeth injury prevention

Most studies done on mouthguards show that they are the best way to prevent injury to the teeth. A mouthguard supports much more than just the teeth, it also supports the gums, and can prevent concussions. Although the protection from an injury can still occur with a mouthguard the severity of the injury is greatly reduced if protective wear is worn and it fits properly, especially in the mouth. Different types of mouthguards are available, some may be bought at a sporting store but is not as effective. The ones that are most resistant to force are the mouthguards that use a pressure laminated material which can be discussed with your dentist.

Preventing sport related injuries is a team effort to avoid, including coaches and health-care providers/dentists on site.

When a mouthguard is made for children, it may not last as long and multiple guards will have to be made in order to keep up with the loss of baby teeth. Most common injuries are usually the front teeth where players get hit by equipment or another person. At your next dental visit ask your dentist if your child, yourself, or other family members are at risk and need a sportsguard.

Free sports custom mouthguards for Oakville residents

If you have a child that plays any high contact sport in Oakville, ON. Please call Bronte Road Family Dental at (905) 465-0026 to book free dental appointment and free custom mouthguard (limitations apply).

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